Frenectomy consists of removing the frenulum. Yes it is too large the cord between the lips and the gums or under the tongue, Known as a frenulum, it can cause the central incisors not to contact and therefore there is a gap between the “blades”. During a frenectomy, Dr. Badí Haddú can remove this tissue to relieve discomfort and even improve speech in children or adults.

Why is a frenectomy the solution for me?
  • Reduce oral discomfort: Performing a frenectomy and removing the frenulum that connects the upper or lower lip to the gums can relieve excess pressure and pain.
  • Realign your bite: By reducing the dense fibers of the connective tissue, the orthodontist can realign your front teeth for a stronger, more aesthetic smile.
  • Improve your speech and appetite- Removing the frenulum under the tongue through a frenectomy can improve both communication and the ability to eat.

What does a frenectomy involve?

From start to finish, a frenectomy it rarely lasts more than a few minutes. Dr. Haddú will apply a local anesthetic to the frenulum and surrounding tissue to numb the area. The frenulum will be gently trimmed with a scalpel or laser. If necessary, the Dr. will close the incision with dissolvable stitches.

The prospect of surgery can make anyone nervous, especially if your child is the patient. However, a frenectomy it is a relatively simple and short procedure. In fact, most patients only need a local anesthetic to stay comfortable during their appointment.

It is also important to note that the earlier the surgery is done, the simpler it will be. The intervention is performed in our dental clinic in Torremolinos by Dr. Badi Haddú.

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