Back to the fight

Back to work!

After a couple of long months, until mid-May, and a lot of groundwork so that our clinic is ready for COVID19… We are ready! After spring arrives and with autumn, it is to be expected that this virus will be less aggressive.

During confinement, in the Sonrisol dental clinic in Torremolinos, we attended the emergencies. We also did many things to prepare for the opening and to be able to live with the COVID 19 pandemic. They installed N95 masks, we bought specific material to reduce aerosols and added additional PPE.

This, together with our new clinic protocols, it has been established to protect our patients and staff. Our staff is still doing their research and doing their best to stay current on new products and safety guidelines. We not only trust the protocols that refer to us so much the Council of Dentists of Spain, our local College of Dentists and the Ministry of Health, but we are also guided by the continuous training and advances at the international level that are being achieved in this matter.

As with many dental clinics, at our dental clinic in Torremolinos we have returned to attend to our patients. Our objective is make sure we follow all established guidelines. We are entering a situation never known before, so developing a routine has taken us time and we will continue to improve it.

Our receptionist Sunrise will tell you which guidelines to follow and will give you a short questionnaire during your confirmation call to guide you through this process. So far, our patients have been very supportive of the new procedures at our clinic. This includes take temperatures and a series of new questions. We are very grateful and appreciate your patience especially in this new climate of uncertainty with COVID19. We will do our best to keep you informed!

We hope everyone continues to be in good health and we look forward to seeing you soon!

If you have any questions, feel free to call our clinic at 952370887.

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