Implants and Oral Surgery

Our specialist, Dr. Badí Haddú, performs surgical extractions of wisdom teeth, simple or retained teeth. Besides, the dental implant placement, oral cancer biopsies, and frenectomy. Our oral surgeon at his Torremolinos clinic can safely administer local anesthesia or intravenous sedation (always performed by our anesthetist), ensuring painless oral surgery.

At the Sonrisol Dental Clinic in Torremolinos we offer oral surgery services that include gum surgery, bone grafts and wisdom tooth extractions.

Let us restore your smile with dental implants. Dental implants are a life-enhancing solution for missing teeth as they provide the safest tooth replacement option, allowing you to chew and speak with ease. In our clinic located in Torremolinos, you will receive the best dental implant treatment.

People who do not have a sufficient amount of bone in the upper jaw are not viable candidates for dental implants. With sinus surgery, we can insert a bone graft into the area so that you can experience the benefits of dental implants.

Wisdom teeth cause problems when they erupt at an angle or don't fully emerge. We offer wisdom tooth extraction as a preventative measure and as a treatment for those already experiencing discomfort.

Dr. Haddú is an expert in the special field of oral surgery. We provide solutions to a wide range of problems related to the jaw and mouth, including surgeries for complex tooth extractions and correction of bone defects.

As with sinus surgery, we administer bone grafts to help those who do not have enough jaw to enjoy the benefits of dental implants.

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