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At the Sonrisol Dental Clinic we have more than 20 years of experience returning smiles to our patients. Dr. Badí Haddú and his team will make you smile again.

If you are concerned about your oral health, have a condition or are simply looking for your trusted dentist, Discover what we can do for you and that is reflected in your smile.

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Recovered Smiles
"A day without smiling is a day wasted."

Charles Chaplin

Pay Comfortably

We offer financing


Financing up to 36 months without interest

One of the most requested options by our patients. It consists of financing up to 100% of the treatment in up to 36 months without interest

Shared Interest Financing

Finance the 100% of the treatment amount in comfortable installments (flexible payment) up to 72 months. (with shared interests).

Discount for prompt payment

Benefit from special discounts for prompt payment. Request information at the clinic (according to budget)
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