Achieve a healthy whiteness and shine with our safe and comfortable teeth whitening services in Torremolinos.

At the Sonrisol Dental Clinic you can enjoy an experience of professional quality teeth whitening tailored to your needs. Our treatment provides long-lasting results and our staff can advise you on how to keep your new smile sparkling.

Two sessions, 1 hour and a half of whitening

We made a one hour session to restore the white of your smile by making three passes with the bleach. A week in another session we make two more passes of bleach. We use a special and light kit, highlighting the natural color of your teeth original and making them several shades lighter, without inducing an extra sensitivity or any other secondary effect to the enamel.

Tooth discoloration can be caused by a variety of factors, including wine, tobacco use, coffee, and natural tooth discoloration. Whitening can improve yellowing and discoloration 6-10 shades or higher in one quick office visit and give you a brighter, whiter smile.

The results are seen immediately after the procedure. If home whitening is your choice, the impressions will be taken in the office and once the whitening treatment splints are made, you are ready to go. start whitening at home. The home system will allow you to whiten your teeth to your liking and touch up as many times as necessary.

When more extreme treatment is needed we combine the two procedures, whitening in clinic (2 sessions) and treatment with whitening splints at home (2 weeks).

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